Prognostic of Switches and Crossings for predictive maintanance

Switches & Crossings (S&Cs) are both a very necessary object as well as a major cost driver for maintenance and renewal of railway infrastructure.  This research is a part of ongoing research in the INTELLISWITCH project which aims at providing tools for reliable condition assessment of both visible and hidden parts of S&Cs. Prognostics is an important function of predictive maintenance. It simply means estimating the remaining useful life of equipment as well as estimating the reliability of the estimated remaining life. In the Prognostics part, the focus is on development of diagnostics and prognostics algorithms for monitoring and predictive maintenance of ballast. The algorithms are developed and validated against data from track geometry measurements and a dedicated sensor system which records track dynamic response when track is loaded by the passing trains.


Seyed Mohammad Asadzadeh
Academic employee
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 35 62