REMORA is the newest laboratory in the Automation and Control group. It facilitates the development of an underwater robotics system that is modular, reconfigurable and autonomous. The headquarters are in building 326, where the hardware and software for the REMORA robots are implemented. Tests are being carried out mainly in the outdoor pool located outside building 325. Indoor tests take place in the hydraulic and coastal engineering laboratory that belongs to the Mechanical Engineering department.

A visual based tracking system and a scaled model of a jacket structure are also part of the experimental infrastructure.

  • The REMORA lab consists of:

  • 8 remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) that will be modified in order to run autonomously
  • cylindrical pool of 5.5 m in diameter and 1.2 m depth
  • scaled model of a jacket structure
  • mission monitoring center and functionality development environment
  • a motion tracking system that allows closed-loop robot and mission control
  • intelligent robotic reconfigurable modules that allow the robots to attach to each other, to surfaces or carry various tools.

Access to the hydraulic and coastal engineering laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering department is also possible for certain tests.