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The winners of DTU RoboCup 2015

Wednesday 29 Apr 15
Once again DTU RoboCup was a tremendous success with 41 vehicles and teams participating, nearly twice as many as last year, so indeed a success. As last year the Cup was held at DTU Library, and La Grande Finale took place on 23 April 2015. The library was packed with interested and enthusiastic spectators, both young and old, children and adults, and the press not to forget.

The fantastic and very different vehicles of autonomous robots gave the spectators some exciting hours, and the Winners of the Cup this year are:

First prize: Sortskæg (Christian Thomsen)
Second prize: Den grimme ælling (Borhan Cheraghi, Erik Iversen, Henk van der Geest and Øystein Løland, all from Norway)
Third prize: Orangutangen (Gabriel Damsholt)

Best DTU vehicle: ERMAHGERDRERBERTS (Søren Krogh Andersen and Carsten Lau Nielsen)
Special prize for design/effects: Orangutangen ( Gabriel Damsholt)
Best fighter/referee's choice: John Der! d. II (Kim Clausen)
Best video: Den grimme ælling: (Borhan Cheraghi, Erik Iversen, Henk van der Geest and Øystein Løland, all from Norway)

The two best robots from RoboCup Junior, which took place at Experimentarium 23 March 2015, got a wildcard directly to DTU RoboCup's Final. They are:

Winner of RoboCup Junior 2015: MM2DJ (Mikkel M.D. Jakobsen)
Number two of RoboCup Junior 2015: Firth (My Mosthaf and Æmilie Cholewa-Madsen)

Congratulations to all prize winners, nice going! And thank you to all participants! Without you there would be no DTU RoboCup. See you next year.

You can find more information and pictures on DTU RoboCup's website.

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