Study environment

The student environment at AUT is experimental, innovative, challenging and many other things. But first of all it based on profound insights into the field of Automation and Control.

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Adriana-Gabriela Sidea, MSc Electrical Engineering
"I found out about DTU when searching on the Internet for a master program abroad. I read on the homepage about the courses, study lines and overall student life at DTU. It all looked very interesting and different from what I was used to back home. So I decided to apply and was accepted to be a full, two year Master student. I chose the Automation and Robot Technology study line and took the courses suggested in the study plan as well as some special courses. I was surprised to find that most of the courses were project based and had practical implementation, which is a great way to learn and gain experience. Another great thing is the possibility to take special courses on specific subjects that you want to work on.

 I liked the fact that the atmosphere is informal and all the teachers are open and always willing to help. Also, I enjoyed working in teams with other students, exchanging ideas and finding solutions for the projects.

Now, I am in my last semester and I am looking forward to start my Master thesis. I can say that this was a great experience for me, where I learned a lot of new things in school as well as outside of it. And last, but not least I had a lot of fun".

nanna einarsdóttir - copy.jpgNanna Einarsdóttir, Honor student,
MSc Electrical Engineering

"I am on my second semester in MSc in Electrical Engineering in DTU and so far my experience of the school has been excellent.  The most important reason is the ambitious atmosphere created by the teachers and staff along with good facilities which I really think succeeds in motivating the students.  A good example of that is the honors program which I am currently enrolled in.  There I get amongst other things a personal tutor who helps me make a good study plan and points out opportunities to me that I perhaps wouldn't have spotted myself. 

The courses I can choose from in DTU are as versatile as they are many and on top of that there is a possibility for students to ask for a special course if the have a great interest in a specific topic.  This freedom gives students a way to get exactly what they want from their education. 

Although the previous reasons I have mentioned would have been enough for me to choose DTU, I very much appreciate how the school puts a lot of effort  into making its students feel welcome and at home.  The relationship between teachers and students is friendly and relaxed where students have an easy access to ask for advice if needed through email or by stopping by a teachers office.  As an international student I have also experienced a great organised social life, starting with the introduction week where I met people who are good friends mine today and continuing throughout the school year with various parties and dinners.  There are also many places on campus where it is possible to go out for a beer after school which makes it easier for students to get to know each other and make the whole experience even more fun".   

jakob mahler - redigeret.jpgJakob Mahler Hansen, MSc Electrical Engineering
“There are so many interesting fields of study at DTU, and I could easily see myself in another Master program. I chose Automation & Control because it has so many aspects from the other fields of study. You gain a very good general understanding and at the same time specialize into a specific area. The possibilities are very diverse; it is possible to stick with theoretical problems but you can also work with projects all the way from thought to finished prototype.

 The facilities are great. When you are doing a special course or a project (i.e. bachelor or master projects) you get a desk assigned and free access to the building so you can work whenever you want. The project student labs are filled with all kinds of measurement equipment and robot parts. When working on a project you get to know the other project students, which almost makes Automation and Control a home away from home.

Most of the courses are divided into lectures and group work. At the group work sessions you struggle to complete the exercises the teachers set forth, with the aid of a Teacher’s Assistant. Both teachers and Teacher’s Assistants are very helpful and understanding when you run into difficulties. Often the courses end in a smaller project that sums up the entire curriculum. In my opinion this is a great way of showing that what we learn can be used. Many of the students have relevant part-time jobs in the industry and it is not uncommon to hear of people being head-hunted or see job advertisements on the corridors. When writing the Master thesis it is possible to do so in collaboration with the industry.

Taking a Master at DTU, Automation & Control, is great. The last couple of years have flown by, even though there have been many long nights studying. I am surprised to find myself at the end of the education.”  

Francisco Comin, MSc Electrical Engineering
"I first came to study at DTU as an Erasmus Exchange student. I was really impressed by the international atmosphere reigning at the campus and I deeply enjoyed the cultural experience of living and studying in Denmark together with students from all around the world. Furthermore, I found the study methodology extremely appealing and notably different to what I had experienced in Spain. For all these reasons I decided to apply for the MSc of Electrical Engineering at DTU.

The variety of courses offered is vast, covering very interesting topics and making special emphasis on hands-on experience. DTU has plenty of resources and the academic staff is very well versed. Teachers are very friendly and accessible and their advice is always very helpful.

The MSc program at DTU gives students a lot of freedom to design their study plans according to their interests. I wanted to expand my knowledge in the fields of Robotics and Automatic Control so I chose the Automation and Robot Technology study line within the MSc of Electrical Engineering. The courses fulfilled all my expectations, helping me to develop my skills and providing me with a solid theoretical foundation and a wide practical experience".


Enis BaryramogluEnis Bayramoglu says
"I've attended the MSc in Electrical Engineering program and now I'm in the second year of my PhD studies in DTU Electrical Engineering Department. My experience at the university and in Denmark has been very positive so far. Especially during my MSc, I was amazed by the effort the scientific staff is putting into the courses. Almost all the courses are electives and you can always find interesting ones for you. I'm working in the field of robotics, and I'm very satisfied with the lab utilities and the accumulated know-how.

I also enjoy the close relations between the department and the industry. People are open to new ideas, and it feels well and motivating to be able to contribute to the environment. The work atmosphere is in general informal and friendly. This can be said in general about Denmark.

The weather in Denmark is overall better than what one might expect considering the latitude. Copenhagen has a decent nightlife, even in the coldest days of winter (which is cold). Danes like parties and evening events, so it's not hard to fill your spare time. I'm very happy with my social environment here, especially with so many foreigners around, it's possible to build a social network of any flavor you want."

The study environment includes working with innovative projects and ideas in relation to Automation and control. The Automated Brio Labyrinth Game below was made as a MSc project at AUT.
28 MAY 2018